Pedestrian deaths have jumped in recent years, up 46 percent between 2009 and 2016. You can take action and get help through a wrongful death lawsuit claim if your loved one was killed in an accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety noted that the huge jump in pedestrian deaths is startling, given that total car accident deaths have only risen 11 percent. And besides the personal grief, loved ones can be left behind to deal with medical and funeral expenses and loss financial support. Legal action can provide you with financial resources you deserve if someone’s carelessness led to your family’s loss.

What’s Behind the Rise?

The IIHS says pedestrian accidents tend to happen on busy roads, away from intersections, and in the dark. They are also more frequent in urban or suburban areas where there is more traffic. In South Dakota, where motorists may be less likely to encounter pedestrians, many drivers tend to neglect pedestrians’ rights and safety. Though the law generally gives pedestrians the right-of-way, accidents often happen as a result of negligent driving.

Pedestrian safety is an important concern, especially in high foot-traffic areas. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that, in addition to the rise in fatalities, many pedestrians are injured by cars each year. In 2015, 129,000 were treated in emergency rooms for nonfatal car accident injuries.

There are steps city planners and drivers can take to prevent these accidents. Providing more designated crossing areas, improving the headlights on cars, and reducing vehicle speed can all reduce the risk to pedestrians.

What Do You Do If You’ve Suffered a Loss?

After an injury or death, taking care of yourself and your family is most important. In this locale, friends in the workplace and the community at large often provide support for families who have lost loved ones. Still, unexpected costs can become a burden, especially considering the time it takes to recover emotionally.

If a loved one perished in a pedestrian accident, and you are suffering as a result, you may be entitled to compensation to help you through the difficult time. The court system may be able to provide financial compensation to help make the stress of losing a loved one more manageable. Meeting with a lawyer can help you explore your legal options.

Why File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

One option is to file a claim against the individual or company that caused your loved one’s passing. This can help provide financial support and compensation for the many non-financial ways your loved one provided you with services and support. Holding others responsible for careless behavior also helps prevent the same tragedy from striking others.

Where Can You Get More Information?

To learn more about how to file a wrongful death lawsuit or average wrongful death settlements in South Dakota, contact Turbak Law Office. We will work with you to find the best solution during this emotionally and financially challenging period of time. Send us an email or call (866) 231-0914 to talk with an attorney in South Dakota.