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Our personal injury lawyers work hard to get our clients the compensation that they are owed.


We don’t charge a penny in fees unless we succeed in collecting for you.

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Turbak Law Office, P.C. is a Plaintiff’s only Personal Injury Law firm in Watertown, South Dakota. We advocate for people across South Dakota, never the insurance companies. Our cases cover a wide range of situations, but no matter what the case, our personal injury lawyers work hard to get our clients the compensation that they are owed. Whether you are a senior citizen being cheated on long-term care insurance, a family grieving the wrongful death of a loved one, a worker left disabled by a catastrophic on-the-job injury, or someone hurt in a car crash by the carelessness of another, Turbak Law will fight for you.

Turbak Law Office, P.C. stands up to insurance companies on behalf of people who just want to be treated fairly and receive the coverage they paid their premiums for. Our personal injury lawyers always try to resolve our clients’ claims without the stress of trial, and most settle out of court. But if insurance companies insist on being unreasonable during settlement negotiations, our lawyers are not afraid to go to court. Our deep knowledge of insurance law and regulation allows our professionals to confidently ask a judge or jury to order fair payment of what our clients are owed. Our attorneys are professionals in the field and have tried numerous personal injury cases in South Dakota, including car accident cases and insurance bad faith cases.

We don’t charge anyone to talk about a potential case. As insurance claim law professionals, we review possible claims, insurance coverage that may apply, and the best methods for trying to resolve a matter. The staff is friendly, the call is free, and if there is something that we can do for you, the appointments are free. Generally over the course of an hour or two with our car accident attorneys and staff, we can help you figure out how to best handle the issues you face. And if that means taking action on your behalf, we give you the ultimate commitment: We don’t charge any legal fees unless we succeed in getting you the compensation you are owed.

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We don’t accept every client who contacts us, but we will evaluate your claim and decide whether there is anything we can do for you, if we cannot help you we will try to point you in the right direction. Our Firm Overview page gives examples of the kinds of injuries our clients have sustained and further explains the kinds of cases we routinely handle. For more information or a free consult with a Watertown SD lawyer, contact us today.

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