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Insurance Bad Faith

Long Term Care insurance denials, hail damage, fire damange, and cancer insurance claim denials can leave you in a terrible financial position. But that’s why you bought insurance – to manage your risks and help prevent serious and permanent losses. Yet, when you need them most, they find reasons to deny or minimize your claim and ignore reasons to pay your claim. You deserve the promise you bought with your money. Let us help get what you deserve.

Car Accidents

We know that bad wrecks can not only total your car, truck, or motorcycle, but completely change the course of your life in a matter of seconds. Is your insurance company not helping you? Is the other driver’s insurance company not covering their end? Let us help!

Wrongful Death

Did you lose a loved one due to a medical accident? Or is your loved one’s life insurance company mishandling their death? The last thing you need is another doored slammed in your face. We can help you get the answers you and your family deserve.

False Claims

The False Claims Act is mean to hold people and companies accountable for defrauding the government. Do you work for someone committing fraud? If you come forward as a “whistleblower,” there are federal laws that protect you and we can help you navigate them.