Insurance Claim Denied

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Sometimes insurance companies deny claims for legitimate reasons and can be a symptom of a policy holder breaching terms or not understanding the insurance […]

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How to Respond When Your Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

Insurance is a contract between two parties, each with responsibilities. As the insured, you are responsible for paying insurance premiums as agreed, while your insurer is responsible for honoring the terms of your policy when a legitimate claim is made. Unfortunately, this is not always what happens when you file a claim with an insurance company.

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What Injuries Are Considered Personal Injuries?

As a legal term, personal injury refers to a situation in which you have been injured or harmed in some way and another person is legally responsible for that injury or harm, regardless of whether the other person’s behavior was negligent, reckless, or intentional.

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Subrogation Claims Defined and Explained

Subrogation claims are common in the world of insurance, but you may never have heard about them, or know how they might affect you.  Read on to find out what subrogation is, how it relates to your insurance, and why it matters, particularly if you are involved in a personal injury case.  

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How Much Liability Coverage is Enough?

When it comes to automobile insurance, determining how much coverage you need may seem confusing. Your state likely has a minimum requirement for liability coverage, but this does not guarantee that amount is enough in case of an accident.

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Our Best Advice for Homeowners Insurance Claims

With hailstorms, fires, floods, and other natural disasters growing rampant, it’s wise to have homeowners insurance—in fact, it’s a must! So, you dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s, pay all of your premiums, talk with all of the people, and fill out all of that paperwork.

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5 Reasons Your Insurance Company May Not Be Responding to Your Claim

When you’ve been in an accident, you want to get back to normal life as soon as possible. The one thing that can hold you up is an insurance company that doesn’t cooperate with a timely pay-out. Are they allowed to keep you waiting?

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What if My Employer Asks Me to Use My Personal Insurance for a Workplace Injury?

If it doesn’t seem right, you should speak with a workers’ compensation attorney.
Most employers in South Dakota are insured against employee injuries, but coverage is not required by state law. Regardless, your employer should never ask you to use your own insurance to cover an on-the-job injury. There is typically one of three scenarios: an employer has insurance coverage, an employer pays workers’ compensation claims out-of-pocket or an employer is sued in court.

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What Should You Do When You Have an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage?

When your home is damaged by wind or hail, knowing tips and insurance claims secrets can help you get the coverage you pay for.
When you buy insurance, you are buying a friend. Someone who treats you fairly and will be there when you need help. Unfortunately, when hail and wind strike your home and you are dealing with storm damage to your roof, siding, and windows, you may find that your troubles have just begun. Too often, insurance companies add to the stress and frustration by looking out for themselves instead of the policyholders who depended on them. You may not be able to fight a homeowners’ insurance claim denial on your own, but these tips could help you get the coverage you pay for.

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A Brief History of Long Term Care Insurance

If you cannot perform most activities necessary for daily living, whether due to a specific disability or a combination of conditions that sometimes develop with age, you may be entitled to long term care insurance benefits.  Too often, those insurance claims are denied.  Here’s how long term care insurance came about, and what you can do if you are refused the benefits you’ve been paying for.
Long term care insurance has been around for decades. People realized that not everyone would be able to meet their own personal daily needs as they got older or became disabled, and some bought plans to provide for themselves in the future.  While this was a positive development, long term care insurance claims are denied every day, sometimes, unfairly. Here is the history of this important (but sometimes unreliable) form of insurance.

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