My name is Ordean Torgerson. I’m retired and been retired for some time. My wife and I are religious exercisers. We walk three miles every morning. We were getting near the end of our exercise, so my wife said “Well, I’m going home.” We were close to the house and I said “Well, I’m going to walk just a little while longer. I’ll be home.” and the next thing I remember, she was trying to wake me up in the hospital. I had gone a couple more blocks and then crossed the street to get on the right side facing traffic.

The car had hit me. I started getting, from insurance companies, these papers. They want you to sign everything and it was way over my head. I talked to some friends and relatives who said “Well, you need an attorney to look at it.” I talked to some people and they recommended Turbak Law, because they specialize in this type of lawsuit. So, I gave them a call and Seamus told me to come on down for a free interview, no obligation or anything.

So, I came down and sat down with him. He was quite professional, straight forward. No surprises. He just told me what to expect, what not to expect and if I was interested I could contact him to represent me. The best part of working with Turbak law is the professionalism and the no surprises, because everything was explained to me up front in Laman’s terms and it turned out great.

I had a good experience with them and especially their staff. Their staff kept me informed with anything that came up, any papers that they got or any documents that they were doing. They would either e-mail me or call me and I don’t have enough good to say about the staff. They kept me abreast of everything, so everything turned out great. I felt confident with them.