Did Your Insurance Company Unreasonably Deny Your Claim?

You’re not alone. Insurance companies aren’t always supremely or intuitively easy to work with, and unfortunately, there are several cases where attorneys are required to stop in and fight for you.


Turbak Law is Here to Help.

At Turbak Law Office, we understand that bad faith insurance isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like. We know how difficult it can be to work with the South Dakota Division of Insurance, and we aim to ensure that our clients are treated fairly, given what they’re promised, and are never take advantage of.

To help you get a better idea of when legal counsel might be required, we’ve laid out an eBook outlining the basics of bad faith insurance, what it looks like, how to deal with the insurance company. In our Insurance eBook, you’ll learn all of that and then some!

What Exactly is Bad Faith Insurance?

We dive into the definition of bad faith insurance, where this comes from, and what bad faith insurance looks like.

What Happens When You Stand Up to Insurance Companies

We outline successful processes for working with insurance companies. Defending yourself, and some of the expected, anticipated responses you can count on from your policy provider.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Claims

Discover why insurance companies-often for-profit entities-deny claims. How you can avoid being denied, and how you can evade pricy charges and delayed payments.

What Legal Options are Available?

Sometimes, your own actions are not enough – You need to bring in the big guns. Learn what sort of legal options are available to you if your insurance company or policy provider isn’t treating you fairly.

Educate yourself today, it could save you tomorrow.

Download our eBook today and learn how Turbak can help you.



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