Insurance Claim Denied

Why do Insurance Companies Deny Claims that are Supposed to be Covered? Is that Legal?

If you have an insurance claim that you suspect has been unlawfully denied, you may need to take legal action to get the compensation you deserve. 

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Getting the Money You Are Owed to Rebuild Your House

If your home has been damaged in a fire or storm, the coverage you pay for through your homeowners insurance can help you restore your home. However, your insurer may wrongfully deny or minimize your claim, and then you should turn to a lawyer who focuses on these kinds of cases.

When you pay the premiums for homeowners insurance, you are buying the peace of mind knowing that you can afford home repairs in the event of a crisis. Most homeowners insurance policies cover a wide variety of damage that can occur in South Dakota, including wind, fire, lightning, hail, and even theft and vandalism. As a policyholder, you feel a sense of security in knowing that your insurance company will support you if one of these unfortunate events happens. However, if your insurer betrays this trust by refusing benefits or coverage that you have paid for, you must learn how to fight a denied home insurance claim with the help of a South Dakota property damage lawyer.

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South Dakota Supreme Court Reverses Dismissal of Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

Court Rules That Insurers Must Weigh Independent Medical Experts’ Opinions Against Conflicting Evidence
The South Dakota Supreme Court has reversed a circuit court’s dismissal of a worker’s lawsuit claiming Dakota Truck Underwriters and Risk Administration Services denied him workers’ compensation benefits in bad faith. The opinion, filed on September 28, 2016, concluded that an insurer cannot assume the truthfulness of a consulting medical expert’s report when deciding whether to deny coverage.

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Supreme Court Orders Insurance Coverage for Ranchers’ Claims

Court Reverses Local Insurance Company’s Denial Based on Company’s Narrow Definition of Drowning

The Supreme Court has reversed a lower court ruling that favored DeSmet Mutual Insurance Company in a claim brought by the Papousek family of Quinn, SD for cattle lost in the 2013 Winter Storm Atlas.  Atlas brought torrential rain and heavy snowstorms that killed more than 43,000 head of cattle in South Dakota.  DeSmet had sold Papouseks a policy promising to pay for drowned cattle.  When the Papouseks lost 93 yearling heifers in the storm, worth $3,000 a head, a doctor of veterinary medicine concluded the cattle “absolutely died due to drowning.”  DeSmet, however, refused to pay.

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