Insurance Bad Faith

A Brief History of Bad Faith in Insurance

An insurance company’s duty of good faith is not just a moral imperative – it’s a legal obligation. If your insurance company fails to act in good faith, you have options.

Until you file a claim, you may not think much about your insurance policy being a binding contract. Unfortunately, when the time comes for your insurer to uphold its contractual promises, you may get the runaround. Maybe your claim is outright denied or the insurance company fails to properly investigate. It might unreasonably deny payments, offer to pay less than what your claim is worth, or even misrepresent your rights under the policy. These are some of the ways insurers can act in “bad faith.”

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3 Examples of Insurance Bad Faith Cases for You to Consider

Insurance policies are supposed to give you peace of mind. But sometimes insurance companies don’t keep their promises, leaving people without the money they were counting on to replace what they lost. 

If you have had an insurance claim denied and think your company is acting in bad faith, talk to a South Dakota insurance bad faith attorney to find out what you can do. Meanwhile, see if you can relate to these examples of insurance bad faith.

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Hey, My Child Was Hurt! Who Pays the Medical Bills?

Your child was hurt by someone acting carelessly – or worse. What does the law say about responsibility for the resulting costs? 

Each year, emergency […]

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How Much is Your Injury Worth?

If you have been hurt in an accident, knowing how much your injury is worth will help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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The #1 Surefire Way to Get Your Insurance Company to Return a Call

If you have suffered an injury and your insurance company is not responding to your claim, the best way to get your insurance company to pay attention is to hire a lawyer.

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My home insurance claim was denied. Now what?

Now, you should call the professionals. A South Dakota homeowner’s insurance claim lawyer can help protect your rights. 

Home insurance is meant to protect one of the things most important to you. When a loss occurs and you need to file an insurance claim, you rely on your insurance company to provide the appropriate benefits.

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Should I Call a Lawyer or Let the Insurance Company Handle It?

Calling a personal injury lawyer can help ensure not only that you are compensated fairly for injury, but that your rights are protected.

After suffering a car accident injury, most people want to move on and return to normal life. Especially in South Dakota, folks like to avoid making waves and they surely don’t think of themselves as “the kind of people who are going to sue someone.” However, knowing when to call a personal injury lawyer rather than letting the insurance company handle things can make a big difference in the outcome of your claim.

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The Phantom of the Courtroom

Insurance companies and the myth of no insurance.

Insurance companies nearly always play a huge role in how, when, and why lawsuits are brought, and […]

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Did Your Insurance Fail to Cover an Accident With an Uninsured Driver?

If you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, your insurance should treat you fairly. What can you do to ensure that you are covered, even if the other person is not?

It is illegal to drive in South Dakota without car insurance, but getting into a collision with an uninsured driver is still quite common. Or, a driver’s identity may never be ascertained because they drive away or neglect to stop after a collision. In all of these cases, the uninsured motorist coverage you bought with your auto policy is the key to you and your passengers being compensated for injuries and related losses.

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Why Your Long-Term Care Insurer Should Be Covering Those Medical Bills

Care for aging people is expensive. If you are not receiving the benefits or coverage from a long-term care insurance policy, you may be able to recover the money you are owed and more for being treated unfairly. That money can pay for long-term care and other damages you have incurred.

A retirement community, assisted living facility, or home health aide in South Dakota can provide outstanding medical care for your loved one, but these services come with a large price tag. According to Genworth Financial, a room in a nursing home has an average annual cost of $92,378 in 2016, and a home health aide costs an average of $46,332. Many people alleviate this financial burden by purchasing long-term care insurance earlier in their lives. However, some policyholders and their family members can find themselves looking at bills and asking, “What does long-term care insurance cover?” If you are currently paying for medical care that should be covered by an insurance company, a South Dakota insurance bad faith attorney may need to investigate your case and show you how to get help paying medical bills.

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